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How to configure color banding on Meters in System Manager Software (SMS)

How to setup color banding on Display > Meters in SMS.


This is done by configuring Functions/Alarms. A Function/Alarm must be setup on each device for each quantity to use the feature.

See below instructions on setting this up.

In SMS go to Setup > Functions/Alarms

Select the device for setting up the alarm and it will show the “Functions Available”

Move the Function you want the banding for over to “Functions Selected”

“Setpoints” will then become available for that “Function”

Click the “Setpoints” button and you will see the following screen.

The Pickup value represents the upper band limit and the Dropout represents the lower limit of the band.

The condition represents the band range that will be displayed.

**Note: In order for the banding to take effect at least two “Conditions” and “Pickup” and “Dropout” have to be setup.

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