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Hardware DEP enabled during install causes errors during the installion of System Manager Software (SMS) v 4.x and/or Advanced Reports (AR).

Goals and Symptoms

Symptom 1:

  • Hardware DEP is enabled in Windows and it will not allow install of Advanced Reports (AR) in System Manager Software (SMSPE) v 4.0x.

    Symptom 2:

    SMS v 4.2 will not install because DEP is enabled.

Causes and Fixes

To correct this:

  • 1) Right click on My Computer and go to Properties.
    2) Click the Advanced tab.
    3) Click the Settings button in the Performance box.
    4) Click the Data Execution Prevention tab.
    5) Select 'Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only.'

    6) Restart the computer and run the installation again.

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