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How to Install the MS Loopback Adapter in Windows XP


Microsoft Loopback adapter is required for the reliable operation of all ION Enterprise versions up until version 6.0. ION Enterprise 6.0 eliminated the need for the loopback adapter. The characteristic symptom associated with the absence or incorrect configuration of the loopback adapter is regular spontaneous shutting down of the ION Network Router service and its dependents.

The ION Enterprise Commissioning Guide contains instructions for installing the MS Loopback Adapter for Window 2000, the procedure for Window XP users is very similar. The step-by-step instructions are given below.


Windows XP

MS Loopback Adapter


Detailed Information

Use the Add/Remove Hardware Wizard in the Control Panel to install the MS

Loopback Adapter.

1. Double-click on the Add/Remove Hardware Wizard and select “YES, I have already connected the hardware”. Click Next.

2. Highlight “Add a New Device” from the list of devices, and click Next.

3. Select “Install the hardware that I manually selected from a list” and click Next.

4. Highlight Network Adapters from the list of hardware types, and click Next.

5. Highlight “Microsoft” from the Manufacturers list, and select “Microsoft

Loopback Adapter” from the Network Adapter list. Click Next.

7. Click Next again to install the device. Click Finish.

Please refer to the ION Enterprise Commissioning Guide for details on how to configure the MS Loopback Adapter after successfully installing it.

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