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WebReach does not display real-time updates after Microsoft updates are applied to client

Goals and Symptoms

Customers have recently been reporting that WebReach stops serving real-time values on client machines which have recently applied Microsoft Critical Security Updates: KB936021 or KB933579, “Security Update for Microsoft XML Core Services”. These updates are part of Microsoft Security Bulletin MS07-042.

  • These Critical Security updates from Microsoft have changed the behavior of standard Microsoft components that are used by WebReach.

Facts and Changes


MS07-042, Microsoft XML, MSXML Core Services Security Update, WebReach, 936021, 933579

Causes and Fixes


ION Enterprise 5.6, Service Pack 1 will contain modifications that will prevent this incompatibility on new installations and upgrades; however, for existing customers, the following workaround is necessary.

For all current versions of ION Enterprise, a custom “HTTP Header” which prevents Internet Explorer from caching XML data is required.

On the WebReach server, open Internet Information Services from Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services.

Expand the right-hand pane to show “Default Web Site”. Expand “Default Web Site”, and then expand the virtual directory “ION”.

Click on the folder “Data”. In the left hand pane, right-click on the file “getRTxmlData.asp”, and choose Properties. Click on the “HTTP Headers” tab:

In the section labeled “Custom HTTP Headers”, press the “Add” button, and enter a new, custom HTTP header: “Expires = -1” as shown below:

Press OK, and then “Apply”. You can now close the Internet Information Services management console.

Any clients which are currently connected must completely close Internet Explorer ( all windows), and then re-open it, before they will see the changes take effect on WebReach pages.

Further Information
The security updates from Microsoft appear to have changed the way that the Internet Explorer “caches” data from the server. The workaround (and upcoming hotfix) direct Internet Explorer NOT to cache data, and WebReach will operate normally.

For more information on Microsoft Security Bulletin MS07-042, see this link:

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