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Updating the changes to the Flag colours for different users in Vista

Goals and Symptoms


  • If Vista has two or more users / logins, the changes made to the flag colours in the Vista diagram from one user / login are not reflected or updated in the other users /logins. This article explains how to carry forward or update these changes from one user login to the other



    Flag colour




    One can go into Vista and set the flag colours (High, Low and Stale) for a numeric

    object as shown in the above diagram. However the changes made by a user, say Supervisor are not carried forward when any other user logs on to the same diagram. This can be more confusing when you create a new user, say UserViewOnly with View Only access level. Now we cannot make any changes to the Vista diagram for this user (in View Only access level), and so the flag colours will be different from the ones in the diagram as designed by the Supervisor.

    This can be advantageous as well as disadvantageous.

Facts and Changes


  • Vista

    Flag colour



Causes and Fixes

When we create a new user from Management Console, and when the new User logs into Vista for the first time, it generates an XML config file “<username>.wsu” which is used by the application. A copy of it is placed in text format in the folder:

D:\Program Files\PowerMeasurement\IONEnterprise\config\cfg\ud

This file contains the attributes for the flag colours: <LowFlagColor>, <HighFlagColor> and <StaleFlagColor>. When a new username.wsu file is created, the attributes take the default values / settings, which are




#0000ff Implies Blue

#ff0000 Implies Red

#ffff00 Implies Yellow


The workaround here is to replace the above default attributes from the username.wsu file with those of the Supervisor.wsu file.

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