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171CCC9x030 M1E Processor IEC Exec. Upgrade to v.1.30e

Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this resolution is to inform Momentum M1E users that the IEC Exec. has been upgraded (Aug. 2008) to version 1.30.

Facts and Changes

IEC Exec version 1.30 resolves the following issues:

  • 1) M1E IEC Exec version 1.29 did not allow OFS to access Concept IEC unlocated variables.

    2) An xxmit Function Block in an M1 Processor may fault with an error 150 (in the xxmit block) if the M1 is power cycled a number of times and the xxmit block is active (powered) when the PLC is powered down.

Causes and Fixes

Installing IEC Exec. v.1.30 resolves the above mentioned issues.

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