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Create 'Help on Type' for a custom DFB in Unity Pro?

Goals and Symptoms

To create a customized online help that will be displayed when the user right clicks on a custom DFB and hits the "Help onType' button.

Facts and Changes

It is possible to link an HTML file for each DFB included in the Custom Library in Unity Pro v2.1 and later.
The HTLM file must have the same name as the associated DFB. For example, if the DFB is named Test_DFB, the HTML file will be Test_DFB.htm. This file must reside in the custom family folder. You can create an .HTM file using any HTML editor. For example, Microsoft Word allows you to save in an HTML format.

Unity 3.1 and Unity 4.0 uses two different folders.
Unity Pro 3.1:
c:\Schneider Electric\FFBLibset\customLib\MyCustomFam\XXX
Unity Pro 4.0:
c:\DocumentsandSettings\All Users\Application Data\SchneiderElectric\UnityPro\CustomLibset\V4.0\CustomLib\MyCustomFam\XXX
(where XXX = language. i.e., ENG, FRE, GER, etc.)

This path should also be set up in Unity Pro. <Tools><Options><Library Settings>.

NOTE: It is important to remember that the DFB must be added to the Custom Library and the suffix of the HTML help
file must be .htm. A file with an .html or .chm suffix will not work.

Causes and Fixes

Once the Custom DFB has been added to the Custom Library, right click on the DFB which is listed under Derived FB Types.

  • Enter a user name meaningful to the block and browse to the .htm file. Hit <OK>.

    Go to the Logic Editor section and right click on an instance of the Custom DFB and choose 'Help on Type'. The contents of the .HTM file should be displayed.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL177644 V2.0, Originally authored by DaSo on 03/20/2009, Last Edited by DaSo on 03/20/2009
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