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Outputs May Turn On at Power Up When Using a 170ENT11002 with Specific I/O Bases

Release Notice

The purpose of this Resolution is to inform users of 170ENT11002 Ethernet Communication Adapters of a condition where outputs could turn on briefly at powerup when mounted on specific digital output bases and combination digital input and output bases.

Goals and Symptoms

170ENT11002’s with a DOM (date of manufacture) of 8-2004, mounted on digital DC output bases or combination digital IO bases, may turn on all or some of the outputs for approximately 250ms, when field power is applied simultaneously or prior to module power. The outputs affected during this initial power on cycle, turn off after approximately 250ms and return to normal control.

Facts and Changes

Units affected are:
170ENT110002 with a DOM of 8-2004 through 11-2004 and a PV of 02

This issue does not occur with:· 170ENT11002’s with a DOM of 7-2004 or older
· 170ENT11000’s
· 170ENT11001’s

Causes and Fixes

The problem has been eliminated with 170ENT11002’s with a PV of 03 or higher or a ‘Date of Manufacture’ of 12-2004 or higher.

  • Contact your local Schneider Electric office for exchanges.

    For a temporary workaround of affected 170ENT11002 adapters, field power must be off when power is applied to the module. Once module power is applied, field power can then be applied.
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