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Is it possible to enable the 'MV-90 Report' option in ION Setup for non-ION8600/8650 meters?

Other than 8600 and 8650 meters, ‘MV-90 Report’ option does not appear under the Reports tab of ION Setup for ION meters that support MV-90 technology. Please refer to the technical note ‘MV-90 and ION technology (70072-0108-06)’ to know the models of the meter that support MV-90 technology.
To bring out MV-90 feature option under ‘Reports’ of ‘Setup Assistant’ in ION Setup, go through the following steps (A ION7550 has been used for demonstration purpose):
1. Close ION Setup
2. Go to the location, where ION Setup files are. For example, C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\ION Setup\Tables\PML7550\Version 3.5 Default\
3. Open QuicION.cfg text file. Scroll all the way down to the file. The last section is
[Reports]; you will find following line there:

Change the number to
The above line tells the software to check for 7 items instead of 6.

4. Add the following 2 lines at the very end of the QuicION.cfg file:

Tab1Reg7=10,1,0x5,MV-90 Report
Tab1Reg7Text=This reports information useful for MV-90 and allows saving info to a MV-90 Master file for importing.

5. Save the change you made in the QuickION.cfg file from File>Save.
6. Open ION Setup>select the ION7550 meter>Setup Assistant>Reports. MV-90 Reports will be there.

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