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How to read alarm status's via registers for a PM650 series meter

The alarm status's are stored in registers 5771-5773 with each alarm status stored in a bit indexed at zero. For example, if one needed to determine if an over current alarm for phase A was present, one would need to read register 5771 bit 0. If the program being used only reads decimal it may be converted to binary using the Windows calculator.
Alarm Description
01 Overcurrent Phase A
02 Overcurrent Phase B
03 Overcurrent Phase C
04 Overcurrent Neutral
06 Undercurrent Phase A
07 Undercurrent Phase B
08 Undercurrent Phase C
09 Current Unbalance Phase A
10 Current Unbalance Phase B
11 Current Unbalance Phase C
13 Overvoltage Phase A
14 Overvoltage Phase B
15 Overvoltage Phase C
16 Overvoltage Phase A-B
17 Overvoltage Phase B-C
18 Overvoltage Phase C-A
19 Undervoltage Phase A
20 Undervoltage Phase B
21 Undervoltage Phase C
22 Undervoltage Phase A-B
23 Undervoltage Phase B-C
24 Undervoltage Phase C-A
25 Voltage Unbalance Phase A
26 Voltage Unbalance Phase B
27 Voltage Unbalance Phase C
28 Voltage Unbalance Phase A-B
29 Voltage Unbalance Phase B-C
30 Voltage Unbalance Phase C-A
41 Overfrequency
42 Underfrequency

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