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Video:Using the Modbus Tester Interface within ION Setup 3.0

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Modbus Tester Interface

When communicating with Modbus protocol, ION Setup has a Modbus Tester interface that can be used to read/write to registers. See the procedure or video below for how to use this tool.
Note: That this is not limited to device types that are supported by default, but also for third party devices in which a communication can be established. 

It is assumed that the communication connection is already setup in ION Setup (in Network mode a 'site' and 'device' are created). If the device needs to be added to ION Setup, see the ION Setup User Guide for information on how to add a device. After the meter is added, follow the steps below:

  1. On the tool bar click on the stethoscope to open diagnostic window ; or from the menu select Tools > Diagnostics...
  2. Go to 'Troubleshooting' tab and open the 'Modbus Tester Interface'.
  3. From the drop down menu select the proper option for your application; for the sake of this demonstration 'Read Holding Registers (0x03)' is selected.

  1. Input the required parameters and click 'Send'; in this example register 41716, Total Real Energy, which is type Mod10 and size of 4 is used:

Modbus Request Type

The three available selections are:

  1. "Single Read"
  2. "Polled Read"; the user is prompted for polling rate:

  1. "Polled Read & Log"; as the name implies this feature has the capability to log the data. Below is an example of the output file:

Write to Register

Two options available:

  1. Preset "Single" Register (0x06)
  2. Preset "MultipleRegisters (0x10)

After selection and assigning the address, highlight the register and enter the value to write by clicking on 'Set...' and then 'Send':

Note: ION Setup version 3.0.12242.01 was used when this articles was written.
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