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How to Set Status Register and Register Type for a Device in PowerLogic SCADA

If a device fails to come online in PowerLogic SCADA (PLS), one likely cause is that the default status register that the driver is using as a health check is not compatible with the device type. Each PowerLogic driver--PWRMODBUS, PLOGIC, MICROLOGIC, SEPAM--have a default statusRegister setting. For any devices that use a given driver but cannot use the default statusRegister, the statusRegister parameter can be configured at the port or device level.
In the Computer Setup Editor, the following parameters should be added to the Citect.ini file:


Defines a holding register that the driver reads to determine whether a device is
responding to communication requests. The result of this read is not important,
however it must be a valid register address within the device.
Parameter type: register address
Default value: 1100 or 2 (Sepam)
statusRegister = 1000
statusRegister = 16000


Used together with StatusRegister; defines the type of the status register. Can only be
configured for the PWRMODBUS driver. This parameter can have one of the following
0 - HOLDING register (default)
1 - INPUT register
2 - COIL register
3 - DIGITAL input (input coil) register
Any other value equals the default.
Parameter type: register type
Default value: 0
statusRegister = 1000
statusRegister = 16000
statusRegisterType = 2

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