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Can a Micrologic trip unit communicate with 2 wire (2-wire) communications wiring?

In order to use 2-wire communications on a Micrologic Trip Unit:
1. The Micrologic trip unit must have a BCM (Breaker communications module) with gray terminals (If the device has green terminals on the BCM it is not capable of the 2 wire communications configuration)
2. A Micrologic trip unit type P or H with date code 11351 or higher

The Micrologic trip unit may be set to 2 wire from the front display of the trip unit or by using the Micrologic RSU software. Please see the attachment for a detailed description on how to set the Mircrologic trip unit to 2 wire communications.

BCM_ULP V2.pdf

Note: If the BCM date code is 11351 to 12132, the user may see ComLoss errors in SMS. The user must either be running SMS 4.3 with the Micrologic patch or replace the BCM with date code 12132 or higher.

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