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"The network diagram is not configured" error when navigating to a custom diagram in Webreach

Goals and Symptoms

When clicking on a grouping object to navigate to a custom diagram, the user see a blank page with the following error:

The network diagram is not configured.
Follow the instructions below to configure a network diagram or contact your administrator

1. Ensure that devices have been added in Management Console.
2. Select 'Generate Network Diagram' from the File menu in Vista.
3. Save the new network diagram.

Causes and Fixes


This error can be displayed if an ampersand "&" is used in the diagram's file name. An ampersand is considered a special character in XML coding and is not treaded as a normal character. When an "&" is used in the Vista diagram file name, everything after the "&" will be truncated in the URL.


Remove the "&" from the file name and re-link any grouping objects that reference the diagram.

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