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Do the PowerLogic Drivers (PWRMODBUS, MICROLOGIC, PLOGIC, SEPAM) Support Modifying Interpacket Delay in PowerLogic SCADA?

The PowerLogic drivers serialize all requests sent to the same gateway. A new request is only sent when a previous request is replied to by the device, so the device is never asked to process more than one request at a time.

Unlike in the Modnet driver, PowerLogic drivers do not have an option of delaying sending next request after processing the response. Therefore, no "interpacket delay" is possible with these drivers.

However, setting the CacheRefreshTime driver parameter to an appropriately high value and increasing the Timeout parameter can reduce load on a device and may alleviate issues in which modifying the interpacket delay might seem necessary.

Keywords: PLS, PL SCADA, PLSCADA, 7.10, 7.20

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