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CyberSciences SER-3200 is showing an incorrect date when connected to an Arbiter and receiving a good <1ms signal

Goals and Symptoms

The CyberScience SER-3200 device can receive an IRIG-B time signal from an external Arbiter GPS time source device. The SER-3200 requires an IRIG-B signal which includes both date and time information. Without the Arbiter device configured to include IEEE-1344 extensions, the SER-3200 will show a time quality of “Good” while having a good time but invalid date.

Causes and Fixes


The Arbiter time source device does not have IEEE-1344 extensions enabled.


Enable the IEEE-1344 time extensions on the Arbiter time source device.


Use the Arbiter time source device menu to verify IEEE-1344 extensions have been enabled.

For more information about the SER-3200 and IEEE-1344 extensions visit the CyberSciences website

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