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"Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" when browsing to the eSolutions Active Pager Module (APM) webpage

Goals and Symptoms

When the user tries to access the Active Pager Module (APM) webpage (eSolutionsWeb), the following message is displayed in Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

There are no other errors in Windows event viewer.

Causes and Fixes


HTTP Keep-Alives are disabled in Internet Information Services (IIS)


"Enable HTTP Keep-Alives" must to be checked in IIS

1. Open IIS. Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
2. Expand Web Sites
3. Right-click on PLeSolutionsWeb (Server operating systems only)
4. Select Properties
5. On the Web Site tab, check "Enable HTTP Keep-Alives"
6. Click Apply and OK

Note: In Windows XP, right-click on Default Website and select properties to enable HTTP Keep-Alives

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