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Demand Forgiveness is active on an ION8600 when the meter is in test mode.

Release Notice

When the meter is put into test mode, Demand Forgiveness is active. This makes it difficult to run a test on the ION8600 meter

Goals and Symptoms


Demand Forgiveness is the time programmed to the meter during which demand (and therefore peak demand) will not be calculated in the power restoration period following a total power outage. This is designed to not penalize customers because the power-up of EQUIPMENT following a power outage usually consumes a higher than normal amount of power. However, when a meter is powered-up and put into test mode, Demand Forgiveness is active which hinders testing. The test will have to be delayed until the Demand Forgiveness period expires.

Causes and Fixes


Download the appropriate corrected template to the device.
Corrected framework for affected meters


Work Around

Make the following changes in the ION Demand Forgiveness Framework

  • 1) Place a new And module
    2) Place a shortcut to the “Tst Mode Invert” module. The module can be found in the ION Revenue Test Framework
    3) Connect the output “Tst Mode Invert” from the shortcut placed in step 2 to source 1 of the new AND module
    4) Connect out “Enbl Dmnd Delay” from “Dmnd Delay Enbl” module to source 2 of the new AND module
    5) Connect the result output from the new AND module to source 3 of the “Check for Delay” module.
    6) Connect the result output from the new AND module to source 1 of the “Enable Dmnd Dly” module
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