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Active alarms are not showing up or updating in the System Manager Software (SMS) webclient (SMSWEB)

Goals and Symptoms

No alarms are showing up under the Alarms tab in SMSWeb or alarms are not updating.

Causes and Fixes


Check the following items to verify the real time alarm interface is correctly configured:

PLHostService is running
The PLHostService must be running in order to display real time alarms in SMSWeb.

    • 1. To check the service go to Start > Right Click on My Computer > Manage
      2. Expand Services and Applications
      3. Click on Services > locate the service to check the status.

Re-register PLAEControl.ocx and PLAlarms.dll

From the Windows Start menu, click on
Run... , type regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Square D Shared\PLAEControl.ocx" and click OK
From the Windows Start menu, click on
Run... , type regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Square D Shared\PowerLogicWeb\plalarms.dll" and click OK

Add .REDIRECT ISAPI mapping to the PLProxyISAPI virtual directory in Internet Information Services

For Windows Server 2003/XP
1. Click Start > Right click on My Computer > Manage

2. Expand Internet Information Services
3. Expand Web Sites
4. Expand Default Web Sites
5. Right-click on
PLProxyISAPI and choose Properties
    • A. Under the Virtual Directory tab, click the button Configuration
      Executable browse to \POWERLOGIC\SMS\Web\PLProxyISAPI\PLProxyISAPI.dll
      Extension type .Redirect
        • Note: If .redirect is typed a message will pop-up stating the extension already exists. The r must be capitalized.
Uncheck " Check that file exists "
OK on all windows and perform an IISRESET
    • a. Click Start > open
      b. Type IISRESET
c. Hit enter

For Windows Server 2008
Open Server Manager.
Go to Roles>Web Server(IIS)>Internet Information Services.
Right Click Handler Mappings and choose Open Feature .
Right click, and choose Add Script Map

For the Request Path, put .REDIRECT
For Executable, put C: \POWERLOGIC\SMS\Web\PLProxyISAPI\PLProxyISAPI.dll (please note this is the default location of the file)
For the Name, put
Leave the Restrictions at default.
OK on all windows and perform a IISRESET from Windows Start->Run...

Verify PLEventSource has local rights to run

From the Windows Start menu, open the
PowerLogic Admin Utility
1. Click on Start > Powerlogic > Tools > Admin Utility
Click on the
Current Assignments tab and verify the item PLEventSource is using either a local administrator account or 'Local System'
If the box next to PLEventSource is blank, run the admin utility and reboot the machine
The user may also see the following error in the Windows Application Event Log:

ClientManager::AddNewClient=>Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {XXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX} failed due to the following error: 8007000e.

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