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Can the ECC21 display ITIC / CBEMA curves?

Goals and Symptoms

To add the ITIC / CBEMA webpage option to the ECC21.

Causes and Fixes


By default the ECC21 card does not have the CBEMA curve webpage pre-loaded


FTP the ITIC.htm file to the ECC21 to enable ITIC / CEBEMA graphs

1. Download the attached ITIC.htm file to the root of C:\
2. Open a Windows Command Prompt (cmd)
3. Enter "ftp" where the x's correspond to the IP address of the ECC21
4. When prompted, enter the ECC user name "admin"
5. When prompted, enter the admin password. The default password is "admin"
6. Enter "send C:\itic.htm"


Example ITIC graph

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