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How to automate resetting WAGES inputs back to zero using System Manager Software (SMS)

Goals and Symptoms

User wants to automatically have a WAGES panel's input values reset back to zero. This is similar to resetting Real Energy on a Circuit Monitor.

Causes and Fixes


1. In System Manager Software (SMS) Setup Utility, go to Setup > Scheduled Tasks
2. Click the 'Tasks...' button

3. Click 'Add...'

4. Supply a name for the task, select 'Resets' under the Task Type drop down menu, and click 'Continue...'

5. Select the WAGES device type

6. Double-click the device name from 'Device Available' and the particular channel values needing to be reset
7. Click 'OK' to save the configuration
8. This task can then be manually executed from the 'Tasks' window or placed on a schedule to run at a particular interval

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