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How To Log Visits to an ION Enterprise WebReach Site

Goals and Symptoms

Below is the procedure that explains how to show a detailed log of WebReach site visitors.

Causes and Fixes

1. Enable logging inside Internet Information Services (IIS)

  • a. Navigate to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services
    b. Expand the menus down to the ION virtual root (Internet Information Services > ServerName > Web Sites > Default Web Site > ION), Right Click on it and go to Properties
    c. Place a check mark next to Log Visits on the Virtual Directory Tab as shown below:

  • 2. Locate the log files
    a. Navigate to the Parent folder of the ION folder in IIS (this is Default Web Site by default)
    b. Right Click and Select Properties
    c. Under the Web Site Tab make sure ‘Enable Logging’ is selected and click Properties

  • *This will show the location of the log file. You can change the location by clicking the Browse button.

  • 3. Read Log File
    * Navigate to the log file. Underneath is a sample log file.
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