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How to configure the ION 7550 / 7650 meters as a Modbus Gateway.

ION 7550 / 7650 Meters with Ethernet Communication Cards can be used as Ethernet Gateways to allow communications to serial devices. The Ethergate feature of the meters requires that TCP Ports 7801, 7802 or 7803 be used to access the gateway connection. 3rd Party Software or Hardware may not be able to communicate Modbus on a port other than the standard 502, and therefore are unable to access the downstream meters. 

Product Line: 
ION 7550 / 7650

Meter Communications

The v350 Firmware release introduced a new feature called ModGate. When configured, this allows the meter to use TCP Port 502 as a gateway port to allow 3rd Party Software / Devices to utilize the gateway to access downstream meters. The following procedure explains how to configure ModGate using the ION Setup software.  

1) Connect to the ION meter using ION Setup. 
2) Using the Setup Assistant, under Communications > Serial Settings, set the Protocol of the Serial Port in question to Modbus Master. (Also ensure the baud rate, parity are configured properly to that of the daisy chain meters). 
3) Close out of the Setup Assistant (and click NO to connect to a different device), and then enter the Advanced Mode by holding CTRL and clicking on the meter.
4) Locate the Modbus Master Options Modules folder and double click it.
5) Double click on the Modbus Master Options 1 module and go to the Setup Registers tab. 
6) Select the MM01 Serial Connection 1 and set it to the Comm Port that was configured in Step 2. Click Ok. 
7) Select the MM01 ModbusGate Connection and set it to Gateway Enabled - Serial Connection 1. Click Ok. 
8) Click Send to save and send the configuration to the meter. 

The meter will now route all incoming traffic on TCP Port 502 to the configured serial port. In order to communicate to the gateway meter itself using Modbus, Unit ID 255 must be used. 

Note: Please see FA244108 for additional information and a video tutorial on configuring Modgate using the Setup Assistant in ION Setup.


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