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ION EEM: Unable to Export a Report As PDF or Excel document

Goals and Symptoms

When you try to Export a report in EEM as a PDF or Excel document as shown below:

this screen pops up for a moment and then goes away:

Causes and Fixes


Please check the Internet Explorer's Internet Options -> Security settings and make sure that:

1) pop-ups are not being blocked for the ION EEM website

2) the ION EEM website is added to the trusted sites list

3) all of the options under the Downloads section of the security settings in the trusted sites zone are enabled as shown below:

Doing all of these things should allow the reports to download as a PDF or Excel document.

Another quick temporary workaround if the issue continues to occur is to hold down the CTRL button while making the selection in Internet Explorer. Holding down CTRL will always bypass any blocking that Internet Explorer is doing automatically.

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