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What meters and software support SNMP protocol?

Which devices and software support SNMP

Product Line
ION Devices
Stuxtureware Power Monitoring
Struxureware Power Monitoring Expert
ION Enterprise

Setup and Protocol

Not all meters or software support the SMNP protocol

The SNMP protocol is only supported by:

  • ION 7650 with firmware version 350 or greater;
  • PM5500 series meters (Requires firmware v2.0.1 or later)
  • All PM8000 meters; and
  • PM8 series meters with PM8ECC ethernet communication cards. (for PM8ECC SNMP Support document)
  • EGX100, EGX150 and EGX300 Ethernet Gateways (MIB II). Refer to Knowledge Base FA211887 for further information.

All other meters do not support this protocol.

For SNMP setup and programming for the ION7650 and PM8000 meters, see the ION Reference Guide
For SNMP support documentation for PM8 series meters with the PM8ECC ethernet Communications card, see Knowledge Base Article #FA209648

ION Enterprise and Struxtureware Power Monitoring do not support the SNMP protocol. To read the SNMP data in ION Enterprise or SPM convert the data to modbus or ION protocol.

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