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Will swapping out my meter cause database problems?

No. By using the identical IP address and not changing the Managment Console settings, you will prevent database issues such as duplicate date or time stamps. This is due to ION Enterprise's intelligent meter swapping ability, which is basicly described as:
ION Enterprise has data from MeterA upto TimeX (where TimeX is when MeterA was removed).

  • i.e. a 7650 called GEN1 is removed at 1:00PM
MeterB is connected to the system using the same profile in Management Console.
  • i.e. another 7650 called GEN1 is installed which is already full of data at 2:00PM
ION Enterprise will disregard all data from MeterB prior to TimeX, and only record new data from after TimeX.
  • i.e. the database will contain data from MeterA up until 1:00PM, but will contain MeterB data from 1:15PM on. Even if MeterB is installed at 2:00PM, it will send any exisiting data it has (back until 1:00PM) back to the database.

Last Revised: November 16, 2007
Applies To: ION Enterprise
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