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Connection to a Meter through a 3rd party gateway device using ION Setup

Goals and Symptoms

This article explains the procedure for connecting to a meter through a 3rd party gateway device using ION Setup.

Facts and Changes

ION Setup
3rd party device
Ethernet connection

Causes and Fixes


  1. Start up ION Setup in Network mode (i.e. the "Single ION Device Configuration Mode" should be unchecked when logging in).
  2. Right click on the <COMPUTER_NAME> and select Insert Item.
  3. Select Site and click OK.
  4. For the Comm Link, select Ethernet and for the Link Type, select Ethergate connection.
  5. Under the Remote Info tab, set the IP Address and IP Port to that of the 3rd party gateway device.
  6. Right click on the newly created gateway and select Insert Item.
  7. Select Meter and click OK.
  8. Select the appropriate meter Type and enter the proper Unit ID for the meter.

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