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Error when clicking “Show Table” Button in Webreach

Goals and Symptoms

User gets an error message as shown below when clicking the “Show Table button” in the waveform window.

Error Type:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (0x80040C8E)
Error with provideHTML. Error with GenerateHTML.
WebReachHistoricalASP in GetQuery: -2147218290 Cannot execute default connection: An error occurred in Execute:
‘PML’ is not a recognized ODBC vender clause option.
/ion/Historical/GetLogs.asp, line 46

Facts and Changes

Waveform Waveforms
Show Table button
Page cannot be displayed

Causes and Fixes

The user follows the sequence of steps below and gets an error:

  • 1. For a Waveform Log, select a date range to display. Click “Show Table”.

  • 2. Click a waveform icon to display it in a graph.

  • 3. Click the “Show Table” button on the graph display.

An error message shows up in the Internet Explorer status bar.

  • 4. After this , click “Change Data Range” to go back to the date range table as below. Select another date and click the “Show Table” button to get the error:

Software thinks that this is a problem with the way the WebReach stylesheets handle “inheritance” – passing node information along from one web page to the next. This workflow might take a path through the XML transformations that loses the Query node info. The error message indicates something wrong with the query WebReach is trying to execute.

Another cause of the error is that a * is used for the columns in a Data Log Viewer query in Enterprise 5.6. Vista is able to return the query properly, but Webreach will display the above error.

If the problem is due to the Selected Columns field in the Query, then simply remove the * and replace it with each individual column.

When viewing the table of waveforms, check the checkbox next to the waveform icon before proceeding to view the graph.

More Information
This has been observed on ION Enterprise 5.5 SP2 with the IE7.0 hotfix, Internet Explorer 7.0 and 6.0.

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Last Revised: 6-Sep-07


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