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Viewing and Clearing P1 (Priority 1 / High Priority) Alarms from the CM2000 Front Panel

1. Press the MODE button until the red LED next to ALARM glows steadily. The circuit monitor
displays “P1.Log.”
2. Press the Enter button to see which P1 alarms have not yet been cleared. To see if there is more
than one P1 alarm, press the blue arrow buttons. It will list different P1 alarms as you press the
3. Press the Enter button one time, and “CLEAr” should be displayed.
4. We want to go into CLEAR Mode, so press the Enter button ONCE. The circuit monitor displays
“CLr. No”.
5. To clear the log, press the up arrow button to change from “CLr. No” to “CLr.YES.” Then press the
Enter button. The circuit monitor clears the P1 Log, and releases any latched relays IF THE
6. After clearing the P1 Log, the display should read “AL.CodE”. Press the Enter Button to verify
there are no active alarms (it will say –NONE-).
7. Press the Enter button again to go to the P1.Log. Press Enter and the P1 Log should also say “-


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