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What is alarm 47 on the Series 2000 Circuit Monitor (CM2000)?

Alarm 47 is defined as Suspended Sag/Swell. The alarm is to identify "an excessive number of S/S events being generated".
A "excessive number" of S/S events is defined as:

More than 48 events total from all S/S Alarms in any 500ms period, or more than 6 events from any single S/S Alarm in any 500ms period.

Event 47 is true whenever Register 2038 is not equal to zero. The event is always enabled when the event is true. If the user disables Event 47 without clearing Register 2038, the event will immediately be re-enabled and asserted as true.

To clear alarm 47, write a 0 to register 2038.

CM2 Alarm 47.pdf

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