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ION_Data Maintenance Job Fails

Goals and Symptoms


The scheduled maintenance job for the ION_Data database fails due to insufficient space on the C drive.


The following information appears in the Task History of the Maintenance job for the ION_Data database:

    • Step 1

      Executed as user: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. Insufficient space is available on C: drive to execute the requested task. The system database tempdb must be able to grow to 1085.60 MB to complete the requested task.


      Job Outcome

      The job failed.    The Job was invoked by Schedule 11 (Schedule for [ION_Data] - MAINTENANCE - Job).    The last step to run was step 4 (Step 4 - Email On Task Failure).

Facts and Changes



Database Manager

Causes and Fixes


There is insufficient disk space on the C drive.  If the available space is less than 1.1GB, the Maintenance schedule will not work.


Free up space on the C drive to let the system database (tempdb) to grow to 1.1 GB.

Alternatively, move tempdb to a location where there is sufficient space.  See KB article 10156 for instructions on how to do this.


Original article#10873

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