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Waveforms unavailable in Vista after performing a manual waveform trigger on an ION Meter

No waveforms are displayed in Vista when a manual waveform trigger is performed.

Product Line
ION Enterprise
StruxureWare Power Monitoring (SPM)
Power Monitoring Expert (PME)
ION 7500, ION 7550, ION 7600, ION 7650, ION 8400, ION 8500
ION7500, ION7550, ION7600, ION7650, ION8400, ION8500

Vista Manual waveform trigger

The manual waveforms triggers for some ION meters have a preset sampling frequency of 7680 (128samples/cycle x 60Hz) while in DEMO mode.

When viewing waveforms, there are filters to differentiate between sags (sampling frequency < 2000) and transients (sampling frequency > 15000). All waveforms that fall between these filters are left out; therefore, the manual waveform triggers are not displayed.


Edit the filter on these waveform logs to include the sampled waveforms from the manual waveform trigger:

How to Add Waveform Log Filters to include Manual Waveform Triggers

     1. Confirm that Show Toolbox is checked in Options then open a Vista diagram with the waveform log viewer. Right-click the log viewer to open Properties.
     2. Go to the Query tab and click Edit SQL ... Notepad opens the query text.

     3. To all the instances where the waveform log is being queried, add the following statement to the WHERE filter: and SamplingFrequency = 7680

You can also create a specific waveform log viewer for the manual waveform triggers by only specifying WHERE SamplingFrequency = 7680 in the filter.

Note: Designer must be closed in order for vista to update correctly.

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