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What country are the PowerLogic and ION meters assembled in?

The following is a list of manufacturing locations for the Powerlogic and ION meters. 

Product Line
ION and Powerlogic Metering Products

Country of Manufacturing


The PM210, PM750, PM800, PM8 remote display and CM4000 meters are assembled in Mexico. 
The PM1200's, EGX 100 and EGX 300 are assembled in India. 
The EnEBX200 (also called Com'X 200) is assembled in Germany
The Energy, Enercept, BCPM, MCM, PM710 and EM3500 meters are assembled in US. 
The E5600, EM4800 & ION meters are made in Canada .
The PM8000 meters are made in Mexico
The PM5000 Meters are made in India
The DM6200 meters are made in India

*information is subject to change please consult your distributor for changes to locations. 

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