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Does Schneider Electric offer SER servo motors or a suitable replacement?

Goals and Symptoms

The SER motors are obsolete and no longer offered.
Customers may find themselves looking to replace a Berger Lahr or Telemecanique type SER motor.
Whether or not a suitable replacement is offered depends on the type servo drive that is being used with the SER motor.

SER motors were first offered as part of the Berger Lahr Twinline family of PRODUCTS.
These PRODUCTS included TLC43x, TLC53x, TLC63x and TLD13x type servo drives as well as the SER, DSM and USM motor types.

SER motors used with Twinline PRODUCTS can not be replaced by a newer motor types such as BMH or BSH motors because the firmware of the Twinline product will not be able to identify the these newer motors types.
The Twinline firmware can only identify SER, DSM and USM motor types.
Therefore, if the SER motor to be replaced is being used with any Twinline product then both the motor and drive must be upgraded to new PRODUCTS.

However, there may be instances in which the SER motor is being used with Lexium 05 type servo drives.
It is in these instances in which a new motor type such as BSH or BMH may be used.
This is due to the fact the Lexium 05 was being developed while Twinline was still a current product.
The Lexium 05 PRODUCTS were therefore designed to be compatible with the SER motor types.
The firmware in Lexium 05 was designed to identify SER motors as well as the newer BSM and BMH type of servo motors.
Therefore, replacing an SER motor with a BSH or BMH type motor is possible if it is being used with a Lexium 05 drive.

Contact the Schneider Electric technical support department for assistance on choosing the appropriate replacement for all SER motor types.


Causes and Fixes

Please contact Schneider Electric technical support at 800-468-5342 to create a technical support case if you need assistance with replacement of an SER motor.

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