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What does error code E5446 mean on a Lexium 32 drive?

Goals and Symptoms

The objective of this resolution is to let the user know the cause(s) of the error code E5446 when seen on a model Lexium 32 drive.

Facts and Changes

This resolution applies to all the Lexium 32 models LXM32C,LXM32A and LXM32M. Error code E5446 is defined a System Error and is not documented in the user manual.

Causes and Fixes

Error code E5446 means a EEPROM checksum error on power fail data. This error comes when the 24 VDC fails during the EEPROM save process.
In some cases, it has been observed to happen after a firmware update. To recover from this error, perform a reset to factory settings and cycle 24V supply to the drive. If the error is still on, repeat the firmware update procedure followed by a reset to factory settings and then cycle 24V supply again. If the error cannot be cleared still, the drive may be returned to the factory with a request for root cause analysis. The error log and parameter file from the drive may be helpful in analyzing the problem.

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