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What does error code E733F mean on a Lexium 32 drive?

Goals and Symptoms

The objective of this resolution is to let the user know the cause(s) of the error code E733F when seen on a model Lexium 32 drive.

Facts and Changes

This resolution applies to all the Lexium 32 models LXM32C,LXM32A and LXM32M. Error code E733F is defined a System Error and is not documented in the user manual.

Causes and Fixes

Error code E733F means the amplitude of the Encoder analog signals is too low., This could mean that the problem may be usually with the Encoder or the encoder feedback cable. It makes sense to verify if the customer is using non-Schneider, custom made feedback cables. A high interference to the feedback cable/system is another possibility. Some of the other points that could be checked are the ambient temperature and current Motor temperature. (Parameter _M_T_Current - Modbus parameter # 7202). An EMC check on the site can help if the above does not resolve.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL209069 V1.0, Originally authored by TVe on 09/12/2012, Last Edited by TVe on 09/12/2012
Related ranges: Lexium 32
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