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With Lexium 32 M, is it possible to use a third party motor together with the eSM safety module?

Goals and Symptoms

Customers interested in the Lexium 32 M offer may inquire if it is feasible to use Lexium 32 M with a third party motor connected to the optional encoder module while also utilizing the optional eSM safety module.
The information in this resolution discusses the feasibility of this combination.

Causes and Fixes

Q: Will LXM32M support eSM safety module together with a third party motor connected to optional encoder module?

Answer: eSM safety module and external machine encoder (external position encoder) connected to optional encoder module is possible.
However, eSM safety module and third party motor connected to optional encoder module is not allowed, the drive will show error E787F.

Q: Does this mean eSM safety module will not offer protection when using third party motor?

Answer: The eSM safety module is only certified for the standard Lexium 32 motors with feedback connected on CN3.
This is because the probability of failure of the encoder is a reality and monitoring of the encoder is necessary for the certification of the safety module.

Q: What happens if customer attempts to use the eSM safety module in conjunction with optional encoder module for third party motor?

Answer: When parameter enc2usage(mb 20482) = motor then the drive displays error E787F (eSM module encoder signal error)

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL207427 V1.0, Originally authored by TVe on 02/16/2012, Last Edited by TVe on 02/16/2012
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