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How to reset a CANmotion axis on a LMC058 when the CANOPEN cable was disconnected?

Goals and Symptoms

This document describes how to reset an axis on a LMC058 when the CANopen cable was disconnected using SMC3_ReinitAxis and MC_Reset function blocks.

Facts and Changes

Hardware and software used:
- LC058LF424SO controller
- Lexium32A servo drive
- Somachine version
- VW3M3805R010 (CANopen cable, 1 x 9-way SUB-D female connector and 1 x RJ45 connector)
- TCS CAR013M120 (CANopen line terminator)

Causes and Fixes

Below is the description of the error and the necessary steps to reset it:

  • 1. If the CANmotion cable is disconnected, the CANmotion devices will have a red triangle next to them.

  • 2. To reset this error you will have to trigger first the SMC_ReinitAxis function block and then the MC_Reset function block. Alternatively you can use the bDone bit of the SMC3_ReinitAxis to trigger the MC_Reset as in the example below. Triggering both function blocks at the same time will not reset the axis.

This completes the procedure that resets a CANmotion axis on a LMC058 when the CANopen cable was disconnected.
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