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How do I change the IP address of a PLC using ProWorx Nxt?

Goals and Symptoms
The purpose of this resolution is to aid the ProWORX NXT user in changing the IP address.
Facts and Changes
The following steps will assist in changing an IP address.
Causes and Fixes
1. Select Configuration heading, then Config Extensions.
2. Click on TCP/IP on the left window and this screen will come up.

3. Note that the card number and the head number references the built-in Ethernet interface.
Both of these should be a value of one for a Momentum.

4. Change your IP Address to the address you want the controllers Ethernet interface to have.

5. After changing the IP Address, save your changes and then Select Write to Controller.
The source is your modified project. The Destination is the current IP address of your Momentum PLC

Do a complete (Regular) download of the full project to the IP Address that the PLC currently is using.

6. After a complete download and start of the controller, the new IP Address will be used.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL203768 V2.0, Originally authored by MiMe on 10/26/2010, Last Edited by BrWa on 11/15/2012
Related ranges: Modicon Quantum NOE - TR
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