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What is new with Vijeo Citect V7.0?

§ The migration tool: A tool to assist in migrating version 6.1 projects to version 7.0

§ Clustering –allows you to group different sets of the runtime components within a single project, allowing multiple independent systems to be monitored and controlled

§ Local variables: - replace memory PLC tags and allow you to store data in memory when you start your runtime system

§ Memory and Persist Modes –A memory mode device retains values in memory, a persist mode device stores the value of each variable on a hard disk

§ Online changes – version 7.0 supports live changes to I/O communications, tags, alarms, trends, reports, and graphics without needing to restart client applications

§ Publisher-Subscriber Data Acquisition Model – Clients now subscribe to tags and receive notifications when values change. This enables event driven functionality rather than the need of constant polling.

§ Project- Based Network Configuration – Network topology and configuration is now defined in the project rather than in the citect.ini configuration file.

§ SpeedLink – Provides the ability to generate and link Vijeo Citect alarm, trend, and memory mode tags from Unity Pro database.

§ Web Gate – Allows you to display remote Vijeo Designer Operator screens within Vijeo Citect.

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