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OFS OPC XML DA - Installation procedure

Release Notice

The installation procedure above explain installation of OFS in order to use OPC XML DA standard.

This installation procedure describe installation steps for OFS V3.31

Setting for Internet Information Setting (IIS) remains true for OFS V3.2 and OFS V3.3

Procedure installation is for Windows XP Professionnal SP1 or SP2

Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this document is to explain how to setup IIS and DCOM setting in order to use OPC XML Data Access
Before Starting OFS Installation IIS must be installed on the PC.

Facts and Changes

In order to verify if IIS is installed on your PC select : Control Panel -> Add / Remove program -> Windows Component as seen below

Select IIS and push details button, the following option must be checked

After IIS installation you must create 2 directory :
  1. Create manually a directory named OFS under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot
  2. Create a directory named ftp within OFS directory

You can now start OFS installation

OFS Installation

Start OFS installation
The picture bellows show OFS Installation screens

1 Select OPC XML Server within the tree view.
Note : OFS InstallShield checks if IIS and .NET framwork are installed on the PC.

2 Complete installation of OFS

IIS FTP Configuration

The following section will describe how to set FTP server configuration.
FTP server is necessary to save animations tables from Data Editor.
Within IIS configuration tool create 1 virtual Directory for OFS directory for FTP server (Read Only)

Create a virtual Directory for OFS pointing out ofs directory with path c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ofs (Read Only)
Create another one pointing out ftp directory with path c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ofs\ftp

Select Read / Write access for this one

FTP Security – Right Click on FTP Server Status

Start Computer management from administrative tools

Set IUSR_MachineName as Administrator of the PC
With Explorer go on ofs\ftp directory

Select files and in Security option add IUSR_MachineName user with Full access rights

DCOM Configuration

The following section describe how to set up DCOM Configuration.
In order to start DCOM configuration from Start menu -> run then enter dcomcnfg

From “ My Computer” Select “ Default COM Security”

Select “ Edit Default”

Customize Launch & Access permission add IUSR_PCName’s user

Customize Launch Permission by adding this user too

Installation complete

The IIS server is now well configured and OPC XML is now available on your PC
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