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How to add an EDS file to the DTM library in Unity?

Goals and Symptoms

Explain the steps necessary to add an EDS file to the Unity DTM library.

Causes and Fixes

First you need to select with your mouse the NOC Scanner module in the DTM Browser and right click.
The right click menu will display and then you would select 'Device Menu' and then 'Add EDS to library'
See screen shot example below.

The EDS Addition window will open and you select Next. see below.

Next select the appropriate radio button and then click Browse to navigate to the location of the EDS file.

After selecting your File(s) a window will open that displays the status of the EDS file.
If the file has no errors then you can select Next. See below.

Click Next and then Finish.

Remember to Updated and Reload your DTM Catalog to have access to the newly added EDS file.

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