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What is the replacement part number of the PCI SA85 Modbus Plus card P/N 416NHM3003x?

The new part numbers for the PCI SA85 Modbus Plus network interface cards are:
Single Cable: Old number is 416NHM30030 and replacement is 416NHM30030A.
Dual Cable: Old number is 416NHM30032 and replacement is 416NHM30032A.

This card is an enhanced version of the older version of the card.
The new features are:


The card will support the 3.3 and 5 volt PCI bus.
The card will now mechanically fit in the PCI-X server bus slots. However it is up to the motherboard manufacturer if it will support the 33 Mhz operation of this card. The PCI-X bus runs at the speed of the slowest device installed, these cards run at 33 Mhz.
The card will fit in both the PCI and PCI-X bus slots.
The MBX Driver Suite will recognize the card as the 416NHM3003x. The card is backwards compatible with the MBX version 4.2b driver suite.
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