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ATV312: Basic programming for setting up reference 1 or reference 2 channels.

ATV312: Basic programming

Product line:
Altivar ATV312 or ATV31

All models, all serial numbers

Basic Programming for the ATV312 drive.
DRC Menu  
Parameter setting  Description
BFR   Standard Motor frequency  
UNS   Rated Motor Voltage  
FRS   Rated Motor Frequency  
NCR   Rated Motor Current  
NSP   Rated Motor Speed  
TFR   Max Frequency  
UFT   Motor control type
SET Menu        
ACC   Acceleration  
DEC   Deceleration  
LSP   Low Speed  
HSP   High Speed  
ITH   Motor Thermal  
UFR   Voltage boost  
CLI   Current limitation  
IO Menu        
TCC    2/3 wire type  
TCT   2 wire type  
RRS   Reverse assign

CTL menu
LAC= L1, L2 or L3
Fr1= AI1, AI2, AI3, A1U1, UPdt, UPdh, LCC, Ndb or nEt
Fr2= AI1, AI2, AI3, A1U1, UPdt, UPdh, LCC, Ndb or nEt

AI1= speed pot  0-10vdc input
AI2= -10 +10vdc  analog input
AI3= 4-20mA analog input
A1U1= Local speed knob on the face of the drive
UPdt= +/- Speeds
UPdh= +/- Speeds via the remove HMI
LCC= Local mode
Ndb= Modbus reference
nEt=  reference via network communications protocol.

Refer to the ATV312 Programming manual BBV46385 for additional information.
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