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    Investor Relations

    • Schneider Electric conference held in auditorium with stage Annual General Meeting 2016
    • Solar panel system with sun shining bright, solar power panels, solar power. Visit the largest European solar farm on June 22, 2016 near Bordeaux (France) 
    • Default Alternative Text First Quarter 2016 Revenues: Published on April 21, 2016 at 7:30am (CET)

    Latest financial releases

    • Annual Report Registration document 2015

      The Annual Report (also called Registration Document) provides an in-depth view on the Group’s strategy, businesses, governance, financial statements, as well as our strong commitment to sustainable development.

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    • Strategy & Sustainability Highlights 2015 - 2016

      Discover how we're closing the energy gap and driving efficiency everywhere.

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      SD report 2016

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