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    Governance structure

    Schneider Electric is a European company with a board of directors. The functions of the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer are carried out by Jean-Pascal Tricoire, who was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer on April 25, 2013.

    On May 6, 2014, the board of directors confirmed this decision, in accordance with article 1 of its internal regulations, which provides that once it has decided to unify the functions of Chairman and CEO, the board must deliberate on this decision every year.

    The exercice by Mr. Tricoire of the functions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer seems particularly appropriate to the board of directors taking into account.

    The company applies the AFEP/MEDEF corporate governance guidelines, except for the few exceptions, which are described in the Annual Report.

    The guidelines are available online at : ww.medef.fr

    > Schneider Electric SE’s articles of association, updated on April 25, 2017 (pdf 81 Kb)

    Board of Directors and its committees

    The board of directors shall determine the strategic orientation of the Company’s business and oversee implementation thereof. It shall examine any and all matters related to the efficient operation of the business and make decisions about any and all issues concerning the Company, within the limits of the corporate purpose, except for those matters which, by law, can only be decided on by the shareholders in a Shareholders’ Meeting.

    In its internal regulations, the board has set out the roles, responsibilities and resources of its four study committees: the Audit and Risk committee, the Governance and Compensation committee, the Human Resources & CSR committee and the Strategy committee.

    Committee members are appointed by the board of directors on the proposal of the Governance Committee.

    > Internal regulations of the Board of Directors (pdf, 85 Kb)

    > To know more about the Board of Directors

    Senior Management

    The Chairman and CEO

    On April 25, 2013, the board of directors decided to unify the functions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and to appoint Jean-Pascal Tricoire as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. On May 6, 2014, the board of directors, which in accordance with its internal regulation must annually re-discuss the unification of the functions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, confirmed its decision.

    The Chairman and CEO represents the company in its dealings with third parties. He is vested with the broadest authority to act in any and all circumstances in the name and on behalf of the Company. He exercises this authority within the limits of the corporate purpose, except for those matters that are reserved by law expressly to the Shareholders’ Meetings or the board of directors. In addition, the internal regulations of the board of directors stipulate that the Chairman and CEO must submit for approval to the board any acquisition transactions or disposal of assets amounting to more than EUR250 million as well as any strategic partnership agreement.

    > Biography of Jean-Pascal Tricoire (pdf, 50 Kb)

    The Deputy CEO

    On April 25, 2013, on the proposal of Jean-Pascal Tricoire, the board of directors appointed Emmanuel Babeau as Deputy CEO in charge of Finance and Legal Affairs..

    > Biography of Emmanuel Babeau (pdf, 23 Kb)

    > Corporate Officers’ compensation and Regulated agreements

    The Executive Committee

    Chaired by the Chairman and CEO, the Executive Committee supports the operational management of the Group.

    > To know more about the Executive Committee

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