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    Ecoflair Air Economizer

    Ultra-efficient cooling for cloud, colo and hyperscale data centers

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You have to reduce your operating expense while preserving capital. Your cooling solution has to deliver this while adapting to your evolving data center.
Prefabricated Data Center stand alone modules, data center operations.

Ecoflair Air Economizer

250kW and 500kW cooling building blocks

Air Economizer tools and resources

Why work with Schneider Electric

  • Default Alternative Text Innovative Technology Our air economizers are designed to offer maximum efficiency around the world
  • Data centres and networks icon Flexibility Customize the solution to meet your specific data center requirements

Product Information

  • Three different cooling modes
  • No mixing of data center and outdoor air
  • First field-repairable, evaporative core
  • Requires zero white space
  • Suitable for roof-top or on-grade installation
  • Highest PUEs across the globe