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    Turbomachinery Control Solutions

    Gas, steam, hydroelectric, wind, or nuclear turbines are typically among the most critical and expensive assets. Their performance, reliability and costs must be managed closely and continually, as it impacts your overall production value and profitability.

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    Because overall production and plant safety are so dependent on turbomachinery performance, failures and unplanned outages can take a major toll in lost production and repair. Often, simply modernizing and retrofitting turbine controls can restore production, performance, and profitability.
    • Ecopetrol S.A. Customer Success Story

      Ecopetrol is Colombia’s largest oil company and the fourth-largest state oil company in Latin America. It has selected Schneider Process Systems technology for burner management systems in the power plant at its Cartagena refinery, which is undergoing modernization.

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      Operators in power station control room working with technical challenges, sustainability reporting.
      Oil-worker, engineer, in close-ups, with large oil refinery industry in background, oil and gas.

      Our Turbomachinery Control Solutions

      To explore our capabilities in more detail, please click on the appropriate areas below where you will find specific information about our turbine, generator, compressor, and drive solutions as well as our mechanical retrofit capabilities and our comprehensive set of services that allows us to deliver the full value to our customers.