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    Pumping control solutions

  • Pumping control solutions made simple

    Discover how the pumping automation solution based on MachineStruxure and it’s comprehensive library of preprogrammed function blocks allow you to not only design and build machines more quickly, but they also help you offer pumping systems that are more efficient, reliable, and offer up to 30% in energy savings.

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    Water & wastewater, commercial buildings, industry or irrigation - Whatever your focus. In order to increase customer satisfaction you must supply machines which are more safe, energy efficient, reliable, at a reduced cost and shorter lead-time. Your choice of Control Solutions is now, more than ever, a determining factor in distinguishing yourself at each stage, from the design and development to implementation and maintenance of the machine.
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    Our pumping control solutions

    • Booster application for industry and infrastructure

      Discover our booster multi drive and booster single drive solutions Find Out More
    • Booster application for buildings

      Discover our booster multi drive and booster single drive solutions Find Out More
    • Pumping systems for irrigation

      Discover our pumping system solutions for irrigation Find Out More

    Why work with Schneider Electric

    • Water pump icon Pumping Schneider Electric offers MachineStruxure™, automation solutions, which help you to quickly design pumping solutions that are optimized regarding costs and energy efficiency, whilst maximizing their performance throughout the service life of the machine.
    • Graph up icon MachineStruxure The MachineStruxure automation solution helps you to build smarter machines and equipment faster, making your business more effective, profitable, and sustainable.