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    Racks And Enclosures

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Today’s high-density server and networking applications demand a rack infrastructure that can mount a mix of different equipment, effectively manage airflow and support high-capacity cable management in an efficient, flexible design.

Value Proposition

  • Default Alternative Text Rack Enclosure Systems for Server Applications: High-efficiency High-density APC by Schneider Electric server enclosure systems have been pre-engineered as an optimized solution to provide proper front-to-back airflow to prevent hot air re-circulation and promote efficient cable management that permits quick and easy installation of new options as servers change.
  • Default Alternative Text Rack Enclosure Solutions for Networking Applications: High-capacity Cable Management With today's rack enclosures packed to capacity with a mix of servers, storage, and networking equipment, superior cable management is an absolute imperative. APC by Schneider Electric networking rack enclosure systems provide exactly the kind of high-capacity cable management needed to keep cable density under control.


  • Default Alternative Text Schneider Electric cooling, power distribution, and cable management products work seamlessly with IT enclosures to provide a complete infrastructure support system.
  • Default Alternative Text Roof can be removed with simple pull-pin hinges and is reversible to reposition the larger cable openings for power distribution plugs and connectors.
  • Default Alternative Text Enclosures are optimized for use with high capacity cable management systems that attach to equipment mounting rails.
  • Default Alternative Text Our “Fits Like a Glove" money back guarantee ensures your EIA-310-E compliant rack-mount equipment will physically fit in a NetShelter.
  • Default Alternative Text Providing complete enclosures with single part numbers eliminates confusion and time spent compiling dozens of SKUs.
  • Default Alternative Text Shock packaging allows for shipment of enclosures with equipment already mounted inside.